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Mary Beth Arthur (marial@execpc.com) has compiled a list of the many informative periodicals and books published on the Whippet.


The magazines improve our communication and knowledge.  The books improve our knowledge as well as keep the history of our breed.  Since the last article on publications, many new books and magazines are available.  Below is a list of most of them.  If any have been omitted, please contact me and they will be added to the list.

WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and WHIPPET NEWS ANNUAL  Editor Christine Hopperstad, 130 34th East, Seattle, WA  98112.  Monthly newsletter of the American Whippet Club and yearly pictorial annual.

SIGHTHOUND REVIEW  Editor Jim & Cathy Gaidos, 10177 Blue River Hills Road,
Manhattan, KS 66503.  Bi-monthly magazine on all sighthounds.

LINE AND LURE  Editor Dean Wegner, W176N8678 Sunset Ridge Drive, Menomonee Falls, WI  53051   Official publication of the Continental Whippet Alliance.

THE WHIPPET WRUNNER   Editor Jack Lewis, 13765 South 1300 West, Riverton, Utah  84065.  Monthly newsletter of racing results.

WHIPPET WANDERINGS Editor Barb Barclay, 2116 Windsor Street, Abbotsford, B.C.  V2T 6L9 Canada.  Quarterly publication of The National Whippet Club of Canada.

THE WHIPPET BIENNIAL  (English publication)  Contact Sighthound Review for copy.  Covers activities in a 2 year period.  Ads and pictures.

WHIPPET NEWS  (English monthly magazine).  Editor Chris Cornish, 436, Coventry Road, Hinckley, Co. Leicestershire, LE10 ONH.  Features cross-bred open as well as  pedigree/purebred racing.

THE WHIPPET   Official periodical of The Whippet Club of England.   Available to English Whippet Club members.  Hon. Sec. Mr. D.F. Mayger, Stoneways, 32 Amersham Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP13 6QU, England.

SNAP DOG--The All Round, One Breed Magazine.  Published by Terry and Sheila Smith, 202 Westleigh Lane, Leigh, Lancs. WN7 5NW England.  Contains news on shows, pedigree racing and Whippet Club racing.

WHIPPET WHISPERS Editor Mrs. Susan Pankhurst, 36 Mitchell Street, Rynfield Ext 11, Benoni, 1501, South Africa.  Official publication of the Whippet Club of The Transvaal.

PURE-BRED DOGS AKC GAZETTE  5l Madison Avenue, New York, NY  l00l0.  Monthly publication of the AKC.  Covers all aspects of pure-bred dogs.  It is a must for serious students of dogs.

AKC COURSING NEWSLETTER  Editor Diane Vasey, Publications Division, American Kennel Club, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010.  Official quarterly AKC publication on lure coursing.

FIELD ADVISORY NEWS  Editor Vicky Clarke, P.O. Box 399, Alpaugh, CA 93201.  Official ASFA publication.

Many local and regional clubs publish information packed newsletters.  Two that the author is most familiar with are:  THE GREATER TWIN CITIES WHIPPET CLUB NEWSLETTER.  Editor Gail Wieberdink, 569 Woodhill Drive, Roseville, MN  55ll3.  Newsletter subscription;  SPEED  publication of the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association, Editor Guin Borstel & Genny Holland, 4335 25th Street, San Francisco, CA  94114.  Newsletter


Many fine books have been published in recent years on the Whippet.  They are:

THE WHIPPET by Bo Bengtson.  Two editions, 1st ed.  David & Charles publishers, England, l985; 2nd edition, MIP Publishing, 1994.  Each a hardcover book covering all aspects of the Whippet.  Contact Sighthound Review to obtain copies.

WHIPPETS TODAY by Patsy Gilmour, Howell Book House, 1994.  U.S. hardcover book

THE COMPLETE WHIPPET by Louis Pegram, Howell Book House, l976.  U.S.  hardcover.  Out of print.

WHIPPETS by Christine Cormany, T.F.H. Publications, 1989, U.S. hardcover.

THE ENGLISH WHIPPET by E.G. Walsh and Mary Lowe, The Boydell Press, England, 1984. Hardcover book on all aspects of the Whippet.

WHIPPETS, by Shirley Rawlings.  The Crowood Press, 1991.  Hardcover English book covers all aspects of Whippets.

THE WHIPPET by C.H. Douglas-Todd (first published as The Popular Whippet in 196l), second edition revised as The Whippet.  Published by Popular Dogs Publishing Co, England, 1973.  Hardcover book covering all aspects of the Whippet.

WHIPPET CHAMPIONS 1960-1985 Vol I, 1986-1990 Vol II, and 1991-1995 Vol III, compiled by Mary Lowe, Alan Sutton Pub. Ltd, England.   Soft cover books with pictures and pedigrees of English champions during this period.  Available from Mrs. I.H. Lowe, Spring Ford, Newton Reigny, Penrith, Cumbria, England  CA11 0A4.

WHIPPETS--SPORTING BLOODLINES  by Joanna Russell, l983.  Pedigrees, pictures and information on English coursing, racing and hunting purebred Whippets.  Softcover book.  This book and the one below are available from Joanna Russell, Bidlake Farm, Germansweek, Beaworthy, Devon, England  EX21 5BP.

WHIPPETS--COLOURED BLOODLINES  by Joanna Russell, 1986.  Book II published 1991.  Pedigrees, pictures and information on English black and blue purebred Whippets.  1st edition softcover, 2nd edition hard cover.

A CELEBRATION OF PEDIGREE WHIPPET RACING--Update from 1985 - 1994 by Joyce Keable.  Update of facts of the top English pedigree Whippets holding Whippet Club Passport.  Typeset and printed by First Impressions, England.  Tel. 01264791270.

THE FACTS: PEDIGREE WHIPPET RACING 1970-84 by Rob Rixon.  Facts of the top English pedigree Whippets.  Brocksett, Ipswich Road, Buckleasham Ipswich, Suffolk, England IP10 0DN.

WHIPPET CHAMPIONS 1981-1986 compiled by Dorothy Johnson and Mary Jane Pruett, Camino E.E. & B. Co., P.O. Box 5l0, Camino, CA  95709.  Lists Whippets producing champion get during this period.  Many pictures.

WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN WHIPPETS  A.K. Company, P.O. Box 927, Diamond Springs, CA  956l9, l984.  Lists all Whippets published in AKC Stud Book during this period.  Many pictures.

WHIPPET CHAMPIONS 1952-1980  compiled and edited by Jan Linzy Pata, l98l.   List of sires and dams with champion get.  Many pictures.

WHIPPETS by E. Fitch Daglish, W. & G. Foyle Ltd.  Hardcover English book covering all aspects of Whippets.  l966.

WHIPPETS--REARING & RACING  by Pauline Wilson.  Published by Faber & Faber, England.  1979.  Out of print.


There are two fine videos available on the Whippet.  They are:

WHIPPET, available from the American Kennel Club, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY  10010.  It is the official AKC video on the Whippet Breed Standard, detailing correct conformation, movement and temperament.

THE WHIPPET, as presented by The Whippet Breed Council of England.  Produced and available from Moonlake Productions, Glover's House, Over Norton, Oxon OX7 5PU, England.  Illustrates the Kennel Club Breed Standard, showing how conformation affects movement; racing and lure coursing are covered as well as advice on purchasing a puppy.


The American Whippet Club publishes two booklets on the Whippet:  THE VERSATILE WHIPPET and THE ILLUSTRATED WHIPPET STANDARD. Copies may be obtained by writing the AWC Secretary, Mrs.Cathy Gaidos, 10177 Blue River Hills Road, Manhattan, KS 66503.

Related Books

An outstanding book you may wish to add to your  library is CARE OF THE RACING GREYHOUND by Drs. Blythe, Gannon and Craig.  1994.  Covers complete range of topics including injuries, nutrition, reproduction, etc.  Applicable to the Whippet.  Available from National Greyhound Association, P.O. Box 543, Abilene, KS  67410.

Another book of interest to racing and coursing fans is SO, YOU WANT TO RUN YOUR SIGHTHOUND by Denise Como.  1996.   Information on coursing and racing, plus veterinary tips and more.  "Running Your Sighthound", P.O. Box 137, Cassville, NJ 08527-0137.

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