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Hieland Whippets (pronounced Hee-lan') is a small hobby kennel in upstate New York.  Although I have only been involved in whippets for a short time, they have become a major element in my life.

  My goal is the dual purpose whippet.  Form and function are two inseparable elements of the breed.  In order to pursue these goals, I show my dogs in conformation as well as lure coursing them.  In addition, I am also training them in agility and obedience.  Hopefully racing is in their future as well.
My start in whippets began in 1995 when a friend convinced me that my lurcher Gaia (Greyhound/Doberman mix) needed a companion.  On Memorial day that year, Ampersand's Highland Spring Fling, "Fling," entered my life.
  Fling BOS Lancaster Kennel Club
Ampersand's Hieland (Highland) Spring Fling CGC  (born 3/21/95)
 Truer words were never spoken when the first person related the ownership of whippets to Lays Potato Chips "You can't have just one."  One year later Ampersand's Witch Doctor, "Dante," joined the household.
Ampersand's Witch Doctor JC CGC (10/31/91-2/09/01)
 And it doesn't stop just there . . .


(born 8/21/96)

And now, introducing the latest additions to the Hieland household!

Trapped Like Rats!

Born 4/21/2001

Puppy Play

(Hmmm, it appears Fling's lucky number is 21)

Here is a counter of the number of lucky souls that have found us

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