Whippets are coming into their own as obedience dogs, thanks to the many methods of motivational training which have become popular with obedience instructors over the past 15 years. Obedience is open to all Whippets, including those with disqualifying faults. The AKC rewards those handlers who successfully train their Whippets to perform exercises under their command with three titles: Companion Dog (CD, a basic obedience proficiency), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX, more advanced obedience, including jumping and retrieving), and Utility Dog (UD, very advanced obedience, including scent discrimination and work with hand signals only). In order to win a title three passing scores must be earned at three different shows. Obedience trials are usually held in conjunction with conformation dog shows.

Obedience Whippets can be obtained from any type of breeding program, and also from AWC Rescue. The most important requirement for an obedience Whippet is temperment -- try to find one with an outgoing temperment who likes retrieving games and food rewards.

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